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Meet Darlene, BCBA

Darlene’s experience in behavioral psychology began when she was a teacher’s assistant working with elementary school children with behavior and developmental delays. She then went on to pursue a position as an MFT intern at Intercommunity Counseling Center where she treated clients with ADD/ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction, and comorbidities. It was there where she began to develop her expertise in the area of parenting non-compliant children and individuals seeking personal behavior intervention programs. In addition to using programs like Love and Logic, and Active Parenting, she started utilizing applied behavior analysis as a modality. Her success with this approach catapulted her interest in ABA. Soon after, she went on to pursue her Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA) training. She then began working for an ABA agency that specialized in parenting and child behavior intervention. Darlene then transitioned from providing treatment within homes and clinics to a public school district as a Behavior Specialist. In this role, she provided group trainings to educators, administrators, and staff on how to obtain instructional control and increase productivity from their students. She also lead trainings detailing how to conduct FBA’s, design BIP’s, while managing teams of RBT’s and education assistants. She began teaching for higher education at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Irvine campus) for coursework in the Masters in Behavior Analysis program while providing group and individual supervision for BCBA candidate students accruing fieldwork experience hours. Darlene continued working in Higher Education at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, where she taught coursework in Ethics for Behavior Analysts, Principles of Behavior, Communication Assessment and Intervention, and Intensive Practicum. The intensive practicum involved weekly group supervision and individual supervision for her students completing their BCBA fieldwork experience hours. Darlene is now an ACE (Authorized Continued Education) provider offering workshops in Ethics, Functional Behavior Assessments, and Parental Consultation. Darlene also provides her expertise and services for individuals seeking behavior change programs in the areas of impulse control, phobias, and managing non-compliant children.


  • San Diego State University, San Diego – BCBA Coursework
  • California State University, Fullerton – M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy
  • California State University, Fullerton – B.S., Child and Adolescent Studies
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